This is how ‘Frozen’ should have really ended. Watch the full video here and see Wolverine sing ‘Let It Go.’ 

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I feel like my family is mad at me bc I’ve developed my own life over the course of 8 years and I’m not completely dedicated to them. Like bc I’m not up their ass 24/7 I’m a dick. Im probably just over thinking shit at 3 am right after my ass kicking shift at work….

Hi! I'm going to be in Disney for my 21st birthday, and my boyfriend and I are planning on drinking around the world in Epcot! I was wondering if you had any experience with this or could recommend any drinks or anything?


I myself haven’t done it yet, but I will in april! I hear the best thing you can do is pace yourself! The tequila bar in Mexico is a must also! 

I just did this and my advice is, if you’re going with someone I would share most of your drinks so you can experience all of the countries. I shared most of mine and still didn’t make it around the world bc I was so intoxicated!! It’s so much fun! Have a blast!

But hold, a lovely maid I see. Rags cannot hide her gentle grace.

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Easter Bunny is the scariest shit ever


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So excited for this!!

So excited for this!!


Someone snapped a photo but it appears that the sign for the seven dwarfs mine train is now up. 

Ooowwweeee I wanna seeeee…. Where can I find it?